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At Meadowridge Law Group we like to get to know our clients. Whether we are preparing your Power of Attorney or Living Will, helping you to Probate a loved one's Will, or assisting you with a Separation or Divorce, we listen to your concerns, answer your questions and give you the best advice we can to deal effectively with your matter.

We try to make you feel comfortable and ensure that we explain things in ordinary terms that everyone can understand.

There are exciting new developments in Estate Law and we encourage you to review your current Wills, or get them drawn up for the first time if you've been putting it off.

Powers of Attorney are newly revised to delegate financial decisions to someone you trust.

Living Wills, now called Advance Directives, are legally binding on medical practitioners for the first time. These are used to provide for your end of life decisions and usually limit medical intervention if you have no hope of recovery or quality of life.

Representation Agreements are more streamlined than ever and are a great tool to assign your medical care and living arrangments decisions to a loved one in case you are unable to speak for yourself in the future.

Whether we are advising you on your potential rights and obligations in Family Law, or assisting you with Probating a loved one's Will, you will find that we have a very relaxed atmosphere and are very approachable. We are here to help you sort out legal matters that you would rather not deal with, and we try to do it as pleasantly as possible.