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Lumerical Inc.

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Lumerical develops photonic simulation software - tools which enable product designers to understand light, and predict how it behaves within complex structures, circuits, and systems. Photonics, the science of light and its interaction with matter, unlocks many possibilities for the world’s leading technology companies across diverse fields including biotechnology, data communications, information storage, solar energy, environmental sensing, and consumer electronics.

Join our team and help impact the future of technology.

What you can expect:

Career growth: We empower our people to profoundly impact the direction of their career, along with the direction of the company. After a decade-plus of solid growth we’re looking for people who are excited to grow with us. Our people do meaningful work, contribute their ideas, solve challenging problems, and continually learn.

Balance and flexibility: We want you to strike a balance between the time you spend with us, and the time you spend with family and friends enjoying the west coast. We offer flexible work plans so you can adjust the start and end time of your workday and take extra vacation time if needed.

Culture and community: Our culture strengthens our internal community. As a collaborative company our relaxed environment and knowledgeable team nurtures knowledge – we teach each other and share our successes. The Lumerical community extends beyond work hours too (if you want it to), from Friday socials to weekends in Whistler. While Lumerical is building a robust internal community we’re inspired by the communities around us. Driven by respect and a commitment to ethical practices, we want to ensure our employees are proud to work at Lumerical.

Location: Vancouver routinely places in the top three cities to live in the world, and with good reason – the adjacent mountains and sea contribute to a world-class lifestyle. Central and accessible, Lumerical’s offices are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We’re steps from the SkyTrain, and we neighbour two of Vancouver’s many convenient separated bikeways.

Compensation and benefits: Our competitive compensation package includes a bonus plan that recognizes the contributions and innovations of our team members, a comprehensive extended benefits plan, and paid days off for personal or family illness and emergencies.