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Lighthouse Labs Inc

About Lighthouse Labs Inc
 ;Lighthouse Labs is an intense 8-week bootcamp that turns beginners into professional developers. What we are seeking is people who think education can be done better. Our belief is simple: most of what you learn as a developer is on the job. Code is a craft and the best way to work on your craft is to study under people who treat the practice of code like Hattori HanzÅ� treats the making of swords. We believe in outcome driven education, that is built through a curriculum that is treated like a product i.e. constantly being tested, challenged, improved, and is contributed to by a community of developers who equally care about how to best train the next generation of developers. Our curriculum is built to accommodate different levels at once, using a hands on method, tons of 1 on 1 mentorship and by hiring amazing teacher/developers who want nothing more than to get the best out of ambitious, passionate &; driven people.
Lighthouse Labs Inc does not currently have any available jobs.
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