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KICC Missionary Inc.,

About KICC Missionary Inc.,
• Responsible to the Sunday School director. Participate in scheduled planning times.
• Lead a small group in age-appropriate, meaningful Bible study.
• Build positive relationships with members and prospects and ensure that they are contacted regularly in order to meet needs.
• Maintain attendance records and other information that helps the group minister through Sunday School.
• Lead participants toward faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and guide them to serve Him through worship, evangelism, fellowship.
• In youth and adult groups – organize the class to effectively support that work (see next column).
• In adult groups – enlist an apprentice from the group for the purpose of teaching a new adult class or working in another age group as a teacher within two years.

Other Adult/Youth Leaders

• Responsible to the teacher.
• Class leaders or care leaders, and/or other leaders are enlisted, as needed, by the teacher of an adult or youth class to assist the teacher with the total work of the group.
• Care Leaders stay in touch with 5-7 members and prospects for prayer, ministry and encouragement.
• Class Leaders lead the work of the entire class in a particular area, such as:
– Worship and Prayer,
– Outreach and Evangelism,
– Fellowship,
– Discipleship, or
– Ministry.

Sunday School Secretary

• Responsible to the Sunday School director
• Meet regularly with the Sunday School Council.
• Process and maintain general records for the Sunday School and compile reports related to the general work of the Sunday School, including prospect information.
• Coordinate ordering and distribution of all Bible study curriculum, supplies, and other resources.
• Set a positive example for others by living as an authentic witness of Christ and through full involvement in the life and ministry of the church.

Outreach Director
• Responsible to the Sunday School director
• Meet regularly with the Sunday School council.
• Promote outreach and evangelism objectives with other leaders and members of the Sunday School.
• Guide all actions for outreach and evangelism through the Sunday School, and coordinate those efforts with other church outreach and evangelism efforts.
• Lead in keeping the focus of Sunday School on the priority of evangelism.
• Ensure that accurate records are kept so that Sunday School classes and departments can make effective contacts with guests and prospects.
• Lead in evaluating the outreach and evangelism efforts of the Sunday School.
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