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Wanted: People in search of a career change

Full Time
2 months ago
22 to 41 per hour

Wanted: People in search of a career change

If you are a professional considering a change in career and you genuinelly enjoy helping people, JBI is offering a possible soulution: a career in psychology (specifically Behavior Analysis). 

Behavioural psychology is primarily concerned with habit formation in individuals. Our work includes the analysis and alteration of undesirable behavior patterns in clients. Behavior Analysis is one of the most scientifically rooted fields within psychology. Professionals/para professionals work to alter undesirable behaviors in clients through the lens of this science.

All you need is passion for psychology, openness to learn, commitment, good listening skills and the ability to connect with people through genuine dialogue. Helping people improve their life is a rewarding career and you can achieve that by taking the first step and applying online. 

Program components: 

Part 1: You will first partake in a training during which you will learn from behavior analysts how to analyze behavior; and how to design a step-by-step behavior intervention for undesirable behavior patterns in individuals. 

Part 2: After successful completion of the training, you will be working under direct supervision of board certified behavior analysts, and other mental health professionals.

Employment Details: 

The work entails implementation of uniquely designed behaviour interventions as means of therapeutic approach for children/teenagers diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, and anxiety disorders. The therapy is overseen by a team of professionals, and implemented by junior interventionists. 

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