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Surrey Police Service

Staff Sergeant (Multiple Positions)

Surrey, BC
Full Time
4 days ago

Staff Sergeant


The Surrey Police Service ("SPS") is bringing an era of modern and progressive policing to Surrey. We are a community-based policing service that is at the forefront of public safety. We are committed to meeting our city's unique priorities and building a team that reflects the diverse and inclusive communities we serve. Help us build a new community-responsive police service that will support one of the fastest growing and diverse cities in Canada.

SPS is hiring Staff Sergeants within the Support Services Bureau, Investigations Bureau, and Community Policing Bureau. During their career, Staff Sergeants will serve in more than one SPS Bureau. Staff Sergeants are the second line of supervision in policing and fulfill an important role in ensuring the effective supervision, guidance, and support of sworn officers and civilian staff for optimum community service and officer safety and well-being.

The SPS anticipates hiring for several Staff Sergeants within the Support Services Bureau, Investigations Bureau, and Community Policing Bureau. During their career Sergeants will serve in more than one SPS Bureau.. SPS may fill additional Staff Sergeant roles in the coming months and applicants applying for this job posting will be considered for future opportunities.

Reporting to a senior Officer, SPS Staff Sergeants enable the development of competencies within their teams while ensuring that organizational standards are developed and met, and objectives achieved. They direct Sergeants, Constables, and civilian staff on short term and medium-term public safety initiatives. SPS Staff Sergeants work with senior SPS leadership to form a respectful and inclusive community-based police service to serve the residents of Surrey.

Staff Sergeants co-ordinate, monitor, and respond where necessary, to multiple units of front-line policing activity to uphold the law, enable public safety, and build public confidence in policing in line with legal frameworks and SPS policy guidelines. Sergeants will enforce the laws of British Columbian, the criminal law, and generally maintain law and order and prevent crime. Staff Sergeants may take on a senior specialist role requiring specialist technical knowledge and skills to oversee a variety of complex policing units or areas of policing expertise.

Staff Sergeants model the mission, vision, and values of SPS through unquestioned integrity and through sustaining a visible, credible, inclusive, and respected profile. They have a strong work ethic and are committed to a community-based policing model that looks beyond immediate issues and searches for realistic longer-term answers to complex community and social issues and emerging risks and trends.


•Works closely with a team of Sergeants to oversee problem-oriented policing initiatives and implement operational goals identified by the Bureau Inspectors. Manages personnel issues in alignment with SPS Policies and the BC Police Act. Creates and sustains a respectful and inclusive workplace.
•Provides specialist advice and guidance to Sergeants, Inspectors, and other team members to ensure responses are delivered within appropriate policies and legislation and achieve the best possible outcomes.
•Identifies opportunities for and co-ordinates the exploration of new ways of working and innovation in policing, applying critical thinking to identify solutions to problems in line with evidence-based practice within own areas of responsibility.
•Supports the implementation of problem solving and evidence-based policing initiatives by championing and applying relevant methodologies and approaches to areas of work.
•Oversees and consults on front-line responses and investigations, allocates resources, directs activities, manages short term and medium-term risks, and reviews progress to deliver effective responses which support law enforcement and enable public safety.
•Oversees the handling of information, intelligence and evidence and record keeping ensuring alignment with legislation, policies and guidance which enables effective law enforcement and the initiation of criminal justice proceedings.
•Keeps up to date on changes to policies and ensure they are implemented at the operational level. Provides input on or develops various SPS policies and procedures.
•Facilitates the establishment of goals and objectives for multiple units and assists in devising solutions for the achievement of these goals.
•Deploys members in accordance with Bureau objectives. Develops the practices and provides the direction to ensure the well-being and safety of sworn members and civilian staff.
•Monitors and manages the performance of multiple teams, devises and implements effective strategies to identify issues and improve team/individual performance to ensure adherence to professional standards and contribute to the achievement of unit objectives. Schedules sworn and civilian staff in areas of responsibility.
•Coordinates the assessment of individuals, assesses capabilities and development needs and devises appropriate development plans to enable high performance and potential progression within SPS Policy.
•Oversees shift briefings, training, and performance evaluations.
•Keeps up to date on regulatory changes and new police technology or methods and ensures information is communicated to direct reports.
•Oversees the preparation of reports, maintenance of logs, and ensures the upkeep of departmental records.
•Supports the review and reporting on multiple team expenditures to ensure the efficient use of available budgets and maximize value for money. Makes decisions on the allocation of resources amongst various teams.
•Cooperates with legal and law enforcement stakeholders and testifies in court as required.
•Develops and/or reviews police documents and conducts inspections of personnel and equipment.
•Acts as a community team leader to identify problems that damage the quality of life. Works with the community to find and apply solutions.
•10-20 years of progressive policing experience in community policing, investigations, or support services. Broad range of experiences at the Sergeant level in multiple units.
•Minimum high school graduation with additional advanced public safety training relative to the role of Staff Sergeant and/or some post-secondary education related to this position. Able to demonstrate a track record of continuous development within operational policing and leadership.
•Strong communication skills with the ability to set out logical arguments clearly, adapting language, form, and message to meet the needs of diverse audiences.
•Able to develop and motivate teams and create strong engagement of individuals with their personal and team objectives in alignment with SPS's values, behaviours, and strategic priorities.
•Able to review and assess own, individual, and team performance against expected standards, providing objective and effective feedback and ensuring corrective actions are taken where necessary.
•Able to coach and mentor for career and professional development.
•Able to plan ahead and allocate work appropriately within the multiple teams and across Bureaus.
•Able to identify key stakeholders and partners, understand potential roles and to take appropriate steps to understand their needs and concerns and develop excellent working relationships.
•Problem solving skills with the ability to identify cause and effect and develop a course of action, drawing on evidence base, designed to target root causes, mitigate risk, and manage impacts.
•Able to problem solve, critically question, and identify potential opportunities to enhance efficiency and/or effectiveness across own team and other units.
•Able to identify, analyze, and manage risk to inform balanced, proportionate evidenced-based decisions.
•Able to manage the introduction of new processes or ways of working at the team level.
•Skilled in using specialized software related to own area of work to extract, analyze, plan and report on data.
•Able to develop and maintain professional resilience and wellbeing in oneself and others in dealing with complex and challenging situations.
•Able to maintain composure and deal effectively with others and quickly build relationships, trust and rapport within teams, peers, coworkers, and the public.
•Demonstrated knowledge of federal and provincial legislation and municipal bylaws along with a solid understanding of use of force legislation and practices including powers of arrest and search.
•Able to obtain and maintain the relevant level of security clearance throughout employment with SPS.

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