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Software Development Engineer

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Vancouver, BC
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Full Time
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Software and Programming

At Amazon RDS we power and operate the world's largest database fleets on behalf of our customers. Every time you click a link surfing the internet or order a coffee at a nearby cafe, you are most likely hitting a database provisioned and managed by RDS that is working in a clustered environment and automatically replicating across multiple data-centers in the background (or maybe a server-less database ready to be elastically scaled up or down depending on the workload without downtime or lost connection) so you get your coffee in time. Have you ever wondered what technology is making this possible? We invite you to not only have a look but to participate in the journey of solving the most non-trivial problems on the largest scale you could imagine.

At RDS, we deal with challenges that could seem too challenging to be true. How about putting database engine in the cloud making it server-less and to auto-scale itself once the load grows or shrinks? How about upgrading your database cluster to the latest database engine or migrating between engines without losing data and with close to zero (or maybe zero) downtime? Our teams embrace the beauty of NoSQL architecture and its ultimate strengths - scalability and performance with strong consistency and isolation of relational databases making a no-compromise database solution. Sounds like a cool challenge? So do we.

We are looking for talented Software Engineers who will help us build the next generation cloud native database services using the world's most popular open-source database engines. We don't need you to be expert in database internals as you will have a chance to learn with your team. We are attracted to engineers who love what they do and passionate about their line of work. We appreciate curiosity and craftsmanship over knowledge in the certain frameworks. Our technologies include:

    •Core Java 8
    •RESTful microservices powered by internal RPC framework
    •A lot of AWS stack - DynamoDB, Lambdas, API Gateway, CloudFormation (yes, infrastructure as a code). We eat our own dogfood all the time! Where can you learn AWS technologies better than at AWS itself?
    •Python 3 for infrastructural components and services

Basic Qualifications

    •Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent
    •One of the following languages: Java, Go, Python
    •Linux shell and Vim
    •Experience with Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL
    •Design and implement distributed systems based on RPC

Preferred Qualifications

    •Masters or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent
    •Polyglot programming experience with two or more strong typed languages (Java, Go, C/C++, C#) and one or more dynamically typed languages (Python, Javascript, Ruby)
    •Experience building and operating large-scale online services and fault-tolerant distributed systems
    •Solid Linux/Unix experience. Test yourself - grep log file and show how many events of certain type per minute/second/hour are generated
    •You are interested in engineering and spend your free time writing code
    •You are comfortable working in agile environment
    •You take ownership of your work

Posted: June 16, 2018
Closes: August 15, 2018
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