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Software Development Engineer - AWS Distributed Job Scheduler

Vancouver, BC
Full Time
A month ago
Are you ready to join the AWS Distributed Job Scheduler (DJS) team on an exciting voyage?

Today, DJS allows Amazon teams to automate critical jobs on a schedule. We have been doing this for a while now but we want to take a major leap from where we are. You might even say a "time jump."

Looking to the future, we want to reinvent the way Amazon teams create and run any kind of task (any type of executable that runs for a finite period of time). Our long-term vision is to make developers productive by letting them focus solely on the logic of their tasks because we will take care of everything else (where it runs, how it runs, its dependencies, monitoring, e.t.c.). We do not want to continue to work in a world where developers spend their time on non-coding activities.

We will need to build new services and systems to reach this exciting future. Frankly, we are not sure how to go about this.

Therefore, we need you. We need you to shape this future.


• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or relevant experience
• 1+ years professional experience in software development
• Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design
• Computer Science fundamentals in data structures
• Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis
• Proficiency in Java or other OOP languages such as C#, Python, Ruby or C++
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, sense of ownership, urgency and drive


• Experience designing, developing, and deploying large-scale distributed systems.
• Experience with professional software engineering practices
• Experience with operation of production systems
Software and Programming