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Senior Systems Administrator

Vancouver, BC
Full Time
21 days ago
71,920 to 87,235 per year

The selected candidate will have very strong System Administrator experience and be located in the Vancouver Lower Maniland area. Programming is a plus but not essential.

You will be going into client environments and dealing with everyone (including decision makers) so you must be presentable and be able to communicate well with our clients.

Working hours:

If you've chosen a career in IT then you know this isn't a 9-5 job. IT systems have a nasty habit of going down at the most inopportune times. There are also times when some projects must be tackled when the clients are not using the IT systems. You will be the primary technician responsible for a number of clients and their IT systems. Sometimes it will be required to work outside of normal business hours in order to get the job done (updates, etc.). The expectation is that you are working 40 hours in 1 week. It will be up to you to prioritize your tasks and manage your time to meet client satisfaction and ensure that it you are working fairly (averaging 40 hours for Sitek and still able to have your own time to recharge). All that said, the large majority of our work falls between 8am and 5pm Mon-Fri.


This is a mix of remote and onsite tech work for multiple clients, so you will need to have reliable transportation. You will have a few days a week of scheduled visits with clients around the lower mainland area. Otherwise, most of the work can be done from your home office. That said, it's possible in a given day to go from downtown Vancouver, to Coquitlam and back to Vancouver. It really depends on what is on the go. This is a good fit for those that live reasonably close to the Greater Vancouver area.

Scale of IT Systems:

The bulk of our client base, and work, is small business and smaller scale IT systems. The type of work we are offering, is best suited to an individual that enjoys working in smaller companies. If your preference is enterprise scale work, best to pass this one by and there'll be another great job out there for you.

Sitek Culture:

Our company culture is based on fair play and that extends to all of our relationships; our clients as well as those of us that work together. Most of the time you will be responsible to resolve issues for the clients you take care of but we're still a team. It's important that you can also work with others. It's fine to be confident in your skills but there's no need for egos here.

Personal Traits:

  • Positive attitude
  • Must be able to work independently. This will suit someone that is comfortable and remains motivated working on their own.
  • You have the ability to organize/prioritize multiple tasks and work under pressure.
  • Must have a personal interest in computers (life-long learner).
  • You are personable and presentable when working in professional environments.
  • You have the ability to listen and communicate well with clients. This position would ideally suit a person that realizes that there are things that he/she is not good at; therefore, does not talk down to others. Rather you are a person that can comfortably communicate with clients in simple terms.
  • You have the ability to manage client expectations. If you can't solve an issue (nobody knows everything), you can confidently set expectations with the client and return when you can solve the problem.
  • You must be able to think on your feet. When problem-solving there are times when you must change directions in order to find a solution.
  • You are open to and curious about researching new technology, methods, and ideas.

Technical Skills:

  • The successful applicant must have at least 4 years of recent IT experience working on business networks in multiple client environments.
  • Excellent Microsoft Server & Active Directory skills as well as excellent desktop skills (ideally Mac & PC).
  • Troubleshooting general Business apps and workflow issues (MS Office, etc.).
  • Excellent understanding of common business network architectures (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.).
  • General mobile device configuration and troubleshooting skills.
  • Linux experience is a big plus.
  • Programming optional (PHP, Java, JQuery, Basic SQL Queries, Bootstrap).

We value our trusted relationships with clients. While you will advance your skills in this position and benefit from interacting with seasoned techs, you will need to hit the ground running. You MUST possess the skills to confidently work on production networks from day one. Please, if you do not have these skills, do not waste our time or yours.

Information Technology