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Senior Software Developer

Burnaby, BC
Full Time
3 days ago
Senior Software Developer

Responsibilities :

• Work with the Product Management teams on the product roadmaps, new features design, and product certifications

• Work with R&D and QA throughout the product development lifecycle

• Develop pre- and post-sales tools and environments

• Research new technologies and trends to be familiar with and be able to devise new solution

Requirements :

• B.S. in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering; M.S. preferred

• Proficient in C language, proficient in development tools and environments under LINUX, such as gcc gdb libc, etc., able to understand GNU Makefile.

• Deep knowledge of the HTTP/HTTPS protocol

• Familiarity with network firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPN, security consulting, SSL, IPsec

• Familiarity with common Web Authentication protocols, like NTLM, HTTP Basic, Radius, LDAP.

• Experience with common web servers and proxies(like Nginx/Apache/Haproxy)

• Understanding of Web application vulnerabilities, OWASP top 10

• Extensive experience in a pre- and post-systems engineering

• Experience with containers and Kubernetes

• High self-learning abilities


Software and Programming Information Technology