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Senior Network Analyst

Kamloops, BC
Full Time
A month ago
33.60 to 37.33 per hour

Application Restrictions
Open to both Internal and external

Job Type
Support Staff (CUPE)

Posting In effect from

Closing Application Date

Closing date for internal CUPE applicants

Internal CUPE applicants must submit their application by 4pm on the "closing date for internal CUPE applicants" for their Seniority to be recognized. If the position is still open after that date they will be considered alongside external applicants.
Applications will be reviewed commencing the "closing date for internal CUPE applicants" and may continue until the position is filled

Full/Part Time
Full Time

Support Type

Anticipated Start Date

Position End Date (If Applicable)

The Hours of work are subject to change depending upon departmental requirements

The hours of work will be Monday to Friday, 7 hours a day, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Schedule Description


The Senior Network Analyst ensures the effective, secure, and efficient operation and maintenance of the University's network infrastructure by analyzing, researching, designing, recommending, budgeting, scheduling, and coordinating.


  1. Monitors, maintains, reviews, documents and verifies the network infrastructure to ensure that it is operating effectively, efficiently, reliably and securely. The University's network infrastructure includes routers, firewalls and switches.
  2. Maintains and supports various system routers and firewalls including setting up and maintaining ACL/Firewall rules. Provides training and shares expertise on proper server setup and administration to other IT departments and to other IT staff.
  3. Analyses, researches, designs, recommends, provides input for budget development, establishes schedules, and arranges for the installation of routers and firewalls.
  4. Analyses, researches and provides solutions to technical problems by providing effective solutions and recommendations, and providing corrective actions.
  5. Coordinates, arranges and provides response to emergency or on demand work requirements.
  6. Liaises with, and coordinates peers, co-workers and contractors. Works closely with other IT Services personnel, researchers, faculty and staff, consultants, equipment suppliers and contractors. Liaises with Research groups across campus in a technical capacity. Liaises with, and coordinates, projects with outside organizations such as other Universities and colleges, PLNet, and BCNet.
  7. Analyses, researches and implements new and innovative ways of providing a robust router and firewall infrastructure to improve performance and security for the applications operating on the network.
  8. Arranges for the expansion and development of the University's network infrastructure by the incorporation of new technologies and the replacement of old and obsolete equipment through making recommendations during the budgeting processes.
  9. Reviews relevant literature in the field of router and firewall infrastructure and applications, engages in self-training and research on the Internet, attends conferences and takes advantage of professional development opportunities to maintain currency of technical skills and knowledge.
  10. Prepares various reports and technical documents.

Associate Director, Technology Services



  • Bachelor's degree involving Computer Science plus certification in router/firewall systems (eg. Cisco, Juniper, HP, Palo Alto)


  • Seven years' experience in network administration, standard Internet protocols and network services, and in the administration, administrating and/or development of at least two of the networking systems used in our centralized network systems environment, including experience in project management


  • Ability to deal with computer users, coworkers and external vendors with courtesy and tact
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to plan and organize work
  • Ability to exercise considerable independent action
  • Ability to operate related equipment
  • Ability to learn new technology quickly and relay it to others
  • Ability to work with various network systems (e.g. Cisco IOS, Linux/Unix, Microsoft Server, etc.)


  • Sitting at desk and computer for long periods of time
  • Visiting client locations several times a week
  • General office conditions
  • On a daily basis working for under an hour in a cool, loud environment (i.e. Data Centre) with some lifting involved (20-30 lbs) (e.g. helping mount servers and network equipment in racks)

Please Note: If you are selected for interview, External Candidates will be required to bring a copy of their transcripts to the interview

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