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Human Resources Manager

HR Manager

Job Description:

Human Resources Manager is in charge of arranging interviews, coordinating hiring efforts, and onboarding new employees in support of the different departments of the company. The function is also in charge of making sure all paperwork involved with hiring someone is filled out and making sure that everything from the first day to each subsequent day is navigated successfully.

In addition under the payroll responsibilities: you collect, verify and process payroll information, determine pay and benefit entitlements for employees, maintain accurate payroll records, and provide payroll information.

Finally, under the H&S responsibilities, the position will foster and promote a positive health & safety culture. The function is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and standards, conducting audits and reviews of existing health and safety policies, advising employees on safety procedures, conducting training sessions, and addressing incidents and injuries.

This position will report to the local Controller and will have a level of authority in implementing cross-functionally HR & H&S changes in order to deliver the company’s objectives.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

Payroll Processing Responsibilities

  • Examine and verify the accuracy of all documentation, as well as ensure the accuracy of calculations for payroll.

  • Validates timesheet information entered by different departments.

  • Calculate and process statutory holiday pay for employees and make adjustments to salaries and benefits as requested.

  • Prepare record of employment (ROE).

  • Administer information about Employment Insurance (EI).

  • Coordinates direct withdrawals, remittances and deductions ensuring the timely transfer of funds to governmental departments and insurance companies.

  • Provide a comprehensive breakdown of payroll-related charges such as salary, and benefits in order to help managers with the reconciliation of actual costs vs. budget.

  • Prepare & review pension contributions, salary and vacation accruals for every pay period, ensuring accuracy and completeness of the calculation.

  • Verify the accuracy and completeness of T4 before issuance.

  • Support the accounting function with the following:

  • Reconcile payroll entries, calculate and adjust accruals, complete payroll remittances and provide reports for general ledger update for each pay period.

  • Help the controller to reconcile all Payroll liability accounts in General Ledger

  • Review and approve all remittances to Government and benefit carriers

  • Reconcile annually Employer Health Tax (EHT) contributions, Public Service Management Insurance Plan and Public Service Health Care Plan insurances

Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Communicate with colleagues to identify needs and preferred qualifications for new hires.

  • Conduct recruiting exercise, Interview and assess applicants that fits the work culture of the company.

  • Contact references and perform background checks.

  • Presentation of employee benefits, work culture and company profile to applicants during interview.

  • Hire or refer qualified candidates to colleagues.

  • Conduct new employee orientation, including the introduction of an onboarding package on HRMS with proper sign-offs.

  • Implement and manage Human Resource Management System (HRMS) (Currently Payworks).

  • Implement HRMS workflow, maintaining all documents in softcopy in HRMS.

  • Resolve conflicts between management and employees.

  • Advise managers on HR policies e.g. equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, etc.

  • Conduct disciplinary procedures.

H & Safety Responsibilities

  • Monitoring the workplace: It is the responsibility of an HSE officer to monitor the workplace and identify the hazards and unsafe conditions/situations.

  • Develop Controls: HSE Officer develop control measures to keep the workforce safe. It means identify or observed the existing control measure are effective and sufficient. If you observed that the existing controls are not sufficient then develop additional control measures.

  • Emergency Mock Drills: Emergency mock drills like Evacuation Mock Drill, Fire mock drills and Chemical spillage drills, etc need to be conducted on the site. These Mocks drills are very important, as workers know how to respond in case of emergency.

  • Site Control: Site control is the main responsibility of a HSE Officer. The Officer must conduct regular site tours and correct / rectify any unsafe acts and conditions noticed at the workplace.

  • Training: is very important when we consider working safely seriously. Induction trainings are very helpful for a newcomer.

  • HSE Officer should conduct internal training as the site gain progress. Work-related training keeps workers safe and they can prepare well for upcoming activities.

  • This responsibility will be supported by the local team and the HSC.

Job Requirements & Qualifications


  • Four-year college degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • CPHR given additional consideration.


  • Experience in a similar function (or partially) for at least 4 years.

Other Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must be detail-oriented and highly organized.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills: Fluency in English

  • Excellent collaboration, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

  • Problem-solving skills: From compliance issues and tax discrepancies to miscalculations, so many problems can arise while processing payroll. A successful candidate must be capable of solving any problems that may arise in a competent, logical and efficient manner.

  • Computer proficiency & Math skills: There is a lot of complex data, numbers and calculations that need to be made with accuracy, so strong numerical skills are crucial for this role. Advanced knowledge of MS Word, Excel, is required, and PowerPoint is a plus.

  • Employee relations: the ability to manage conflict will be a large determining factor for your success in this position as problems can come up anywhere from labor disputes to dealing with employee benefits packages.

  • Collaborating with teams: Working in HR means you will be collaborating with teams from different departments. It is therefore very important to be someone who thrives in situations where they are in constant communication with others.

  • Organizational skills: The function requires juggling and prioritizing tasks on a team or company calendar. It is important to be able to create a plan that allows everyone to achieve their goals. Ability to work in a fast-paced, team environment and under the pressure of tight deadlines.

Please note that only candidates that are currently legally eligible to work in Canada will be considered.  We thank all candidates for their applications.   

We ask that you do not contact our client directly, we thoroughly review all applicants.

Human Resources