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Hospitality Experience Wanted - Sales position!

There are some really valuable skills that are gained by working in the bar/food/hospitality industry. Here at Grey Wind, we truly value the experience that somebody typically earns in this field; they include:

  1. The confidence you gain by constantly striking conversation with strangers
  2. Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment
  3. Motivation to work hard and build genuine relationships in order to increase your income

Why does this matter to us?

We specialize in Sales and Event Marketing for our high-profile clients nationwide. It’s an ENTRY LEVEL ROLE so we’re not looking for somebody with a tonne of sales or marketing experience; because we can teach that…However, somebody who is confident, eager and has a strong work ethic can bring so much value to the growth of our company.

What would this Entry Level Sales/Promotions role involve?

  • Full training | Sales principals, Lead generation, Account Management and Customer Retention
  • Creating and developing meetings and workshops in-office
  • Professional coaching and mentoring from senior management
  • Acquiring new accounts on behalf of our client (leads provided)
  • Attending events on behalf of our client to sell and promote their services (Stamps games, Festivals etc)
  • Above average income - commissions and bonuses averaging $700-$1300/week

This is the right opportunity for you IF:

  1. You are GREAT with people
  2. You value a healthy work/life balance
  3. You want your weekends and holidays back
  4. You know you are overqualified for your current job
  5. You love to be challenged and are ready for something new

If you think that you could be a great addition to the company, please reply to this ad with a copy of your resume for immediate consideration. The HR team will only be contacting qualified candidates.

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