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Early Childhood Educator (ECE) /Infant Toddler

Health Care
Full Time
Burnaby, BC     
Coquitlam, BC     
New Westminster, BC     

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Job Description: The teaching staff at Willowbrae Academy® are responsible for the daily care, instruction and supervision of a group of children 4 months to 12 years of age, under the direct supervision of the Director. The teaching staff is responsible for the daily planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program. Qualifications: An Early Childhood Education teacher employed at Willowbrae should have a strong educational background in early childhood education, successful work experience in an early childhood setting, appropriate communication skills, the ability to design and implement relevant programs and activities, a willingness to adhere to the academy's stated philosophy, and a demonstrated commitment to professional development.Typically, the successful applicant will have a recognized university degree in Early Childhood Education or equivalent, and related work experience. A valid First Aid and Infant CPR certification are also required as well as a clear child abuse registry and criminal record check. Successful applicants may be required to complete additional courses if they do not meet all the established minimum qualifications. The selection committee reserves the right to choose an applicant who meets all or most of the above mentioned criteria. The selection committee will use both the interview and outside references in choosing the most appropriate applicant. Required Attributes and Skills:

  • Good physical strength.
  • Tolerance and perseverance in dealing with the problems of children.
  • A ready ability to warmly relate easily to the children.
  • Ability to work closely and in harmony with supervisors and peers.
  • Judgement and initiative in the early identification of program deficiencies.
  • An ability to evaluate own performance and take the necessary corrective measures to fulfill their objectives.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and dependability.
  • Ability to handle praise or criticism and adaptability to change.
  • Comfortable working with individual or groups of children.
  • Caring and respectful attitude toward all persons.
  • Demonstrates good judgement.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability.
  • Demonstrates a strong sense of ethics when dealing with children, parents, students and fellow staff, other professionals and all persons related to the academy.

Teachers are expected to perform appropriate activities and tasks in the following areas:

  • Program, and Program Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Guidance and Behaviour Management
  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Student Supervision
  • Children’s programming, development and progress
  • Ensure requested data and metrics are provided accurately and timely

Program Responsibilities:

  • welcome the family and integrate each child into the group upon arrival.
  • plan for and implement daily a balance of active/ quiet, indoor/ outdoor, free structured, individual and group activities that will encourage physical, social, intellectual, emotional and sensory development at the appropriate level for each child.
  • in rotation with other staff members, plan and implement weekly circle themes and related activities in which all the children can participate.
  • organize and implement a variety of optional activities for various sized groups of children encompassing sensory stimulation, creative art, music and movement, science exploration and field trips in the community.
  • plan and implement techniques and activities which stimulate children's curiosity, inventiveness, problem-solving and communication skills.
  • organize space, equipment, and materials prior to activities.
  • guide, demonstrate, and encourage children's activities throughout the day.
  • provide daily for each child's need for privacy and solitary play.
  • assist children in expressing themselves by listening and responding with questions, comments, or clarification.
  • continually provides experiences which teach good health practices: physical, mental, dental, and nutritional.
  • plan and provide experiences which broaden the child's sense of community to enhance learning opportunities.
  • plan and provides daily activities which facilitate an understanding of other people's cultures and value systems.
  • encourage and assist children daily to practice self-help skills.
  • continually encourage parent involvement in the ongoing activities of the academy.
  • praise and encourage each child's efforts daily by displaying work and providing meaningful commentary.
  • ensure all areas of the academy are properly supervised.

Program Management:

  • plan and implement daily an effective program, incorporating such areas as routine and transition times.
  • plan and implement appropriate programs for children using observations and documentation of their progress
  • notify director/ supervisor of program needs.
  • continually participate as a member of the team with others in the academy, including director, teacher's aides, substitutes, students, volunteers and parents; respect each individuals ideas, opinions, and suggestions.
  • ongoing reporting of any information that is relevant to the child's program

Health and Safety Responsibilities:

  • have a yearly medical examination, and submits a medical form to the director indicating that health is suitable for employment and free of communicable diseases.
  • keep both the inside and the outdoor play area free of debris and structural hazards, and keeps the equipment in non-hazardous condition.
  • maintain a clean and healthy environment for children and adults by performing light housekeeping duties, simple repairs, and kitchen chores as required.
  • implement monthly practice procedure for fire and other emergencies. ( See Fire Drill Procedures)
  • assist in keeping readily accessible and current list of phone numbers for contacting parents and emergency services.
  • monitor and replenish first aid supplies when used.
  • record accidents and injuries to Director.
  • update self-daily which children have allergies and other conditions which require special care.
  • Familiarize self with all safety rules and health practices regarding the academy and the children.
  • encourage child behavior and children's activities which are consistent with common safety practices.
  • stop and/or redirect unsafe child behavior or incidents.
  • store dangerous or poisonous materials properly.
  • prevent hazardous conditions or dangerous situations.
  • maintain own classroom as a safe and healthy environment, including cleaning toys and shelves and tidying area, and disinfecting any soiled areas in classroom immediately, and having tissues and soap available.
  • establish daily snack/ mealtime routine that makes eating pleasant for each child
  • provide clean serving and eating areas for children.
  • -
  • keep environment free of garbage.
  • assist with light housekeeping chores required.
  • change children's wet or soiled clothing as necessary.
  • check children for symptoms of common childhood conditions and illnesses.
  • recognize unusual behavior or symptoms of children who are not feeling well, and inform parents staff and the director. This may include monitoring of seizures or detection of drug side effects.
  • isolate immediately the child with symptoms of illness and gives adequate supervision to the child.
  • within the constraints of the facility, provide adequate climatic conditions.
  • report incidents of suspected abuse upon discovery as per academy and government policy.
  • attend to children's physical needs, such as diapering, toileting, eating and napping.
  • release children only to authorized individuals.

Guidance and Behavior Management:

  • set realistic behavior expectations for each child
  • immediately addresses problem behavior without labeling the child
  • provide positive guidance methods, such as positive reinforcements, redirection and positive language, and use each appropriately on a daily basis.
  • follow Behaviour Management Policy guidelines established by Willowbrae Academy® .
  • staff members are encouraged to eat the meals provided at the Academy with the children, to model appropriate eating behaviour and promote healthy eating practices


  • follow the philosophy of Willowbrae Academy® program and be able to communicate its goals and objectives to others.

*attend regular staff meetings for the purpose of program discussion, pre-planning, staff communication and relations, individual child development assessment and general business.

  • keep all information pertaining to children, families, staff and the director confidential.
  • demonstrate behavioral change as a result of constructive criticism and suggestions.
  • dress suitably at all times; staff are permitted to wear walking shorts and jeans in good condition
  • except in the case of emergency, personal phone calls are permitted only during lunch or breaks


  • establish and maintain open lines of communication with parents of children at the academy as well as the director, fellow staff members and any professionals involved with the child.
  • discuss progress with parents on an informal ongoing basis.
  • consult with director, parents and other staff regarding referral for professional assessment.
  • while working with children, staff will use suitable language and refrain from yelling, swearing, and using threats

Student Teacher Supervision:

  • assist, advise and evaluate practicum students.
  • provide verbal and written feedback to the student.
  • be aware and follow the guidelines for cooperating teachers as set by the particular training program.
  • ensure that the rights of the children at the academy are protected.
  • provide information on academy policies, particular needs of each child, and daily operation of academy.

Inclusive Programs/Progress Reports/PortfoliosWillowbrae Academy® believes in providing quality inclusive programs to the families and children that we serve. We support all children in reaching their full potential and believe that it is our responsibility to provide all children with the same opportunities as their peers within our academy and to do so to the best of our abilities. Staff of Willowbrae Academy® will meet with families to assess their needs and those of their child to ensure that the academy and its staff are equipped to meet these needs.Children are supported with developmentally appropriate programs and Routine Based Plans that focus on children’s routines and transitions throughout the day. Strengths and needs are evaluated for each child and supports put in place for the staff and academy to meet these needs with the support of a Resource Program Coordinator on staff. This staff member works with parents, teachers, and other professionals working with the child. Whenever possible, Willowbrae Academy® encourages professionals outside of our academy such as Speech, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists etc. to come into the academy and meet with the child and our staff to help facilitate consistent delivery of programs and meeting the child’s needs. Team meetings are held throughout the year to discuss children’s progress and reassess their needs. These meetings include parents, Willowbrae staff, Health Care professionals and any other support persons involved with the care of the child.Willowbrae Academy® provides progress reports and children’s portfolios to parents twice a year. Staff is expected to maintain ongoing observations of children to assist in both the completion of reports and portfolios as a reflection of children’s progress and in developing programs on a daily basis that support each child in their development while in our care.

Job Type: Full-time

Posted: September 21, 2016
Closes:November 20, 2016
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