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Coordinator of Adult Services

Kinsight has been supporting people with disabilities for over sixty five years!  That’s a long time.  We’ve learned a lot over those years, and right now our learning is telling us that it’s time to make some changes.  Not change for the sake of it.  Not change because we’re bored.  Not change because we’ve failed. Change because we think we can do better, be better in our work.  We are on the verge of an important transformation, one that will re-shape how we serve adults.  Our transformation will be enriched by the wisdom of those we serve, their families, staff, the Kinsight leadership team and guided by a refreshed role in our organization, the Coordinator of Adult Services.  That’s who we’re looking for now! 

We’re looking for someone who can focus perfectly on two targets at the same time.  First we want someone who can lead us back to the drawing board where we can collectively develop a new map – one that will better help us to help those we serve live good lives.  Second we want someone who can work the current reality – who can do all the typical managerial type things, and do them very well.  So really, we’re looking for someone who can lead us into the future and make sense of our present – all at the same time.  And all the other things too like ‘team player’, ‘able to work independently’, ‘strong communicator’, ‘shows initiative’, ‘reflective practioner’, ‘effective coach/mentor’.

In a nut shell…we have a couple of service areas that we’d like to refresh, but you’ll need to be prepared to ‘fly the plane while building the new one’.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  If you are someone who knows a lot about community living and service provision – that’s good.  If you are someone who knows a lot about community living and service provision but are eager to push the boundaries of ‘best practice’ – that’s even better.

Job Summary:

To coordinate the development and delivery of services that meet the personal needs and expectations of the persons receiving service and their families while at the same time demonstrating compliance with all relevant internal and external standards articulated through, for example, funding agreements, collective agreements, licensing conditions, CARF, and the Employment Standards Act.


This position reports to the Director of Adult Services and coordinates and monitors the performance of departmental Supervisors/Senior Workers.  Performance will be evaluated annually. 


As a salaried position compensation is considered to be the total of annual salary, health benefits and employment perquisites including but not limited to, vacation, vehicle allowance, sick time, professional development, and travel allotment. Compensation will be reviewed annually by the Director of Adult Services in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer as part of the annual performance appraisal process.



Bachelor level degree related to position purpose

First Aid/CPR Certificate, NVCI Certificate, Food Safe


Minimum 5 years working in a community setting with adults and youth with disabilities. Minimum 3 years at a supervisory to mid management level within a social service setting.

Skills and Abilities

Superior ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Experience and commitment to the provision of individualized support to people with disabilities and their families.

Key Deliverables:

Relationships and Accountabilities

  • Teamwork - Commitment to developing and maintaining positive and functional relationships with the other Kinsiight Leaders as evidenced through active participation, respectful collaboration, strategic decision making, confidentiality, cohesive leadership  and to demonstrate accountability to the team.
  • Supervision – Able to effectively motivate, direct, monitor and hold subordinates accountable for their performance while effectively supporting subordinates to hold themselves accountable for their own performance. Ability to hold oneself accountable to subordinates.
  • People and Families - Ability to build trusting and effective relationships with those receiving service/ their families/friends consistent with the organization’s policies and practices and to demonstrate accountability to them.
  • Partnerships - Ability to build positive relationships with funders, regulatory bodies, business partners, government, advocacy groups /co-service providers and to demonstrate accountability to them.

Strategic Leadership

Advances Vision through Policy and Practice -Implements practices that are consistent with policy and are inspired by the organization’s vision, mission and mandate.

Evaluation - Initiates and leads informal and formal service evaluation and service improvement schemes at the personal and departmental level consistent with organization policy and procedure.

  • Departmental/Organizational Planning - Participates with the Kinsight Leadership Team in Operational and Strategic Planning.
  • Actioning Plans- Develops and implements departmental level action plans associated with Operational and/or strategic planning and monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of those plans.
  • Person Centred/Family Driven - Identifies the needs and expectations of existing and new service recipients and their families and works collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to develop new services or new approaches to service to meet their needs.
  • Judgment and Problem Solving - Identifies problems, seek solutions and implements effective remedy schemes related to all elements of the position including service delivery and human resource management.
  • Communication - Makes, executes and communicate decisions effectively, within approved scope of authority, both on a day to day basis and during times of crisis.
  • Demonstrating Values – Demonstrates the values of Kinsight through all interactions with the people receiving services, their families and friends as well as when representing Kinsight in both a professional and informal context.

Operational Leadership

  • Finance - Monitors and directs Supervisors to manage the expenses of the programs and to follow established budget guidelines.
  • Property Maintenance -Implements and maintains systems to ensure the physical maintenance of all premises and property (including vehicles) within purview meet internal and external standards as demonstrated through regular inspections.
  • Implements and maintain systems to ensure that all property/facility related health and safety regulations both internal and external are met.

Human Resources

  • Consistent with policy and procedure, demonstrates responsibility for delegated (from Director of Adult Services) aspects of departmental human resource practice, including staff recruitment, selection, hiring, orientation, supervision, performance evaluation, disciplining, and termination.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with subordinates and colleagues through, for example, regular program team meetings, program action planning, goal setting etc.
  • Ability to manage effective staff scheduling, on-call systems, and staff related health and safety incident and remedy tracking systems.
Community and Social Services