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Reference ID: Harvey 1682

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Surrey, BC
Vancouver, BC
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As a member of the technical support group to our design staff, you will prepare civil engineering design drawings related to our projects in land development and public works areas. Specifically, you will be knowledgeable in the preparation of engineering plan and profile drawings relating to roadworks, storm drainage, sanitary sewage collection and water distribution systems. In addition, you will have knowledge of topographic plans, legal survey plans, and some familiarity with architectural plans and integration of these drawings into AutoCAD drawing files.


You will have experience in AutoCAD, LDD and other related software applications as it relates to preparation of engineering drawings in the municipal engineering environment. In addition you will assist with graphical presentation plans, as-constructed record drawings, and provide support in the maintenance and development of the digital and drawing file systems within the drafting department operations.


Applicants must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in English and have a solid understanding of the terminology related to this industry sector. Completion of recognized training programs offered by Canadian post-secondary providers is preferred.


Candidates should be able to clearly demonstrate skills and competencies as per the following list of responsibilities:


  • Able to set up a master drawing – simple to complex
  • Able to run profile alignments based on preliminary design layouts
  • Demonstrated above average digital layout organisational skills
  • Able to set up plan and profile sheets for subdivision and capital works projects
  • Able to set up plan sheets for multi-family and commercial land development projects
  • Able to set up Storm Water Control Plans and Sanitary catchment area plans
  • Able to create a complete set of base drawings for typical land development projects – including detention and ESC plans
  • Able to create a set of base drawings for typical capital works projects
  • Able to run existing ground profilesAble to run cross-sections – using a variety of templates
  • Able to incorporate a DTM into the masterAble to create a DTM from point data and to modify DTM as needed
  • Able to incorporate external drawings (X-ref) into our drawings, including updating and revising as needed
  • Able to work with both metric and imperial measurement systems, including conversion and X-refs
  • Able to accurately incorporate as-built information into the master
  • Demonstrated knowledge and application of professional drafting standards (digital and paper environments) – dimensioning, layout, accuracy, consistency, compliance with standards, layer management, printing, file management, etc.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of AutoCAD C3D to suit our needs
  • Technical knowledge of AutoCAD C3D for problem solving and helping others
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the civil engineering elements of our drawings
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the legal survey elements of our drawings
  • Able to extract design information from design profiles to complete the required drafting activities for:
  1. Roadworks – profiles, curb returns, cross-sections, etc
  2. Storm and Sanitary sewers – inverts, grades and distances, knowledge of appurtenances
  3. Watermains – inverts, grades and distances, knowledge of appurtenances
  4. Detention pond details
  5. ESC plans
  6. General engineering details
  • Able to perform required CAD drafting activities efficiently and with minimal errorsIncorporates thorough checking of work performed during and at the end of established tasks
  • Able to perform required C3D activities efficiently and with minimal supervision
  • Able to perform limited, elementary design functions beyond expected CAD Tech needs:
  1. Roadworks
  2. Storm & Sanitary sewers
  3. Watermains
  • Able to revise drawings to “as-built” status for land development projects
  • Able to revise drawings to “as-built” status for capital works projects
  • Knowledge of related software applications:
  1. AutoTURN
  2. Microsoft Office – Excel, Word,
  3. Outlook
  • Knowledge of overall drawing creation process – relationship to design approval stages
  • Oral and written communication skills with all staff members is clear and concise
  • Other characteristics that are of value to the company:
  1. Co-operative attitude towards other staff
  2. Patience and ability to assist others needing help
  3. Organisational skills in an office environment
  4. Available to work overtime as needed
  5. Level of attendance, punctuality, etc.
  6. Able to assist with technical and organisational needs of department
  7. Commitment to getting the job done efficiently and effectively
  8. General attitude towards assigned tasks
  • Overall level of experience to suit our business needs


This is a fulltime position.

Salary is open depending on experience.

Posted: February 14, 2018
Closes:April 15, 2018