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Audio DSP Engineer - Chime Audio (AWS)

Reference ID: 780613

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Are you looking for an intimate, fast-paced, early stage AWS team to apply your software engineering skills to? Come join us building Amazon Chime! ( Amazon Chime is Amazon's solution to Unified Communications. Launched in 2017, we are built on top of AWS technologies. We are specifically looking for Engineers
who are interested in improving our customer experience by relentlessly finding solutions to a wide range of technical challenges in real-time communications. We are happy to welcome qualified candidates to occupy this role in San Francisco (CA), Palo Alto (CA), or Seattle (WA)!

The Role
As an Audio DSP Engineer, you must love high quality signal processing, implementing audio algorithms, and have a feel for what a good consumer experience should sound like. As part of the core audio team, you will design and implement Audio processing components to improve voice communication. Additionally, you are comfortable debugging low level Audio system issues, working on different platforms and devices, and optimizing audio quality for different network and device conditions.


• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field
• Knowledge of digital signal processing theory (FIR/IIR filter design, adaptive filtering, frequency domain analysis).
• Strong proficiency in C/C++.
• 5 years or more experience in Software Development


• Master's or PhD degree
• Expertise in developing advanced Audio and Speech Processing Algorithms
• Experience with real-time communications technologies (VoIP or media streaming), such as Audio/Video encoding/decoding/trans-coding, Video/Audio compression, WebRTC, RTP, RTCP, SIP, etc.
• Experience with Audio software stack in different platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux)
• Experience with AECs, AGC, Noise Suppression, etc.
• Experience with machine learning for Signal Processing
• Experience with Audio tools and quality standards - POLQA, PESQ, ERLE

Posted: June 13, 2019
Closes: August 12, 2019