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Assistant Sales Manager- Building Material, Lumber, Seasonal

Full Time
North Vancouver, BC     

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The Assistant Sales Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the Department and/ or Departments; he/she is assigned.  He/she will take responsibility for the entire store when scheduled as MOD


In particular he/she is responsible for sales; sales development; inventory management, merchandising and housekeeping standards, staff scheduling; hiring; training, motivation and discipline of staff




The Assistant Sales Manager has direct and primary operating relationship with the Sales Manager on a daily basis and his absence the Store Manager.


He/she will achieve the department goals and objectives in conjunction with departmental staff and will regularly be in contact with the Sales Manager.


He/she will also regularly be involved with assortment planning, purchasing, placing orders, and advising cost/retail changes required for both competitive pricing and margin enhancement, therefore you will be working closely with the Merchandising Manager and the Purchasing Department.









  1. Supervising Staff
  • To direct departmental staff activities, including lunch and break schedules

  • Supervise and discipline department staff in accordance with company policies and procedures

  • To prepare weekly staff schedules  (to be approved by the Store Manager) and payroll required time sheet

  • To contribute in preparing daily work lists as well as ongoing tasks assigned to specific staff members

  • To supervise the ADM (Assistant Department Manager) and prepare performance reviews for all staff members within the Departments and for the ADM.

  • To ensure that all staff are put through appropriate orientation, AGP and other training course as required and scheduled

  • To co-ordinate product knowledge training session with vendors for department staff


  1. Daily Readiness for Business
  • To ensure an in-stock position for all items at all times.

  • Have direct involvement in ordering, follow up and expediting orders

  • To ensure permanent bin labels and applicable signage is in place at all times

  • To ensure housekeeping and merchandising standards are monitored with a priority to ensure that aisles are clear

  • To ensure that merchandise is faced daily

  • To ensure clip strips and end panels are full and properly signed


  1. Readiness for Advertised Business
  • To ensure an in-stock position of all promotional items featured on a timely basis, an that they are properly merchandised with appropriate signage, to be coordinated with the Merchandising Manager

  • To order promotional products through dockets for advertised item in national events in purchase orders to be approved by the Store Manager

  • To ensure tear-down of promotional signage and events upon the termination of the event

  • To ensure that featured ends and platforms within the department are properly maintained, signed and stocked and changer on a regular basis in conjunction with the seasons, advertised specials and promotional opportunities



  1. Customer Service
  • To promote and provide the highest level of customer service throughout the entire store; responding to customer complaints and resolving their complaints where possible

  • To train staff in positive customer service relations and coach their development in positive and enthusiastic selling skills, using AGP ( A-acknowledge; G- guide; P- provide)

  • Maintain and monitor Special Orders within your department or departments

  • To approve price overrides and markdowns

  • The Assistant Sales Manager is expected to obtain and keep a current pesticide license

  • To respond at all times in all aspects of customer service in conjunction with

  1. Telephone Answering

  2. Pesticide or other departmental service calls ( Price checks, carry out etc)


  1. Open/Closing
  • To ensure the store is opened on time with operational staff in place in all departments

  • As closing manager, to regularly survey the store ensuring that staffing and customer service standards are being maintained throughout the store

  • At closing, ensure that ALL remaining customers are looked after properly before leaving and that security of the store is well maintained to protect both the staff and the store’s assets

  • To take additional opening/closing shift for other managers in their absence

  • Have name on emergency call list for alarm


  1. Safety & Security
  • The Assistant Sales Manager is a revolving member of the Safety Committee and is responsible to assist in identifying, assessing and correcting safety and security risks to the store, its staff and customers

  • The Assistant Sales Manager is expected to participate in First Aid Training/ Occupational First Aid and respond to calls for medical assistance for staff and customers in the store











  1. Assist in store inventories
  2. Become familiar with the company policies and systems
  3. To minimize loss of merchandise in their respective departments through properly handling of merchandise, good housekeeping practices and maintaining merchandising standards.  To watch for theft and practice proper procedures for mark-downs and staff use/store us requirements
  4. To monitor competitive assortments and pricing and make recommendations for changes to the Store Manager having consideration for proper and adequate assortment in the category
  5. To identify dead or discontinued stock, make recommendations for clearance to the Sales Manager and agree on planned merchandising and pricing strategies to clear the inventory properly
  6. To identify overstocks or slow moving merchandise, make recommendations to the Sales Manager and agree to promotional merchandise and pricing to reduce overstocks
  7. To oversee the additions of new assortments, ordering merchandise and  integrating with existing assortment
  8. To conduct cycle counts, verify on-hands and remedy negative inventory where required
  9. To ensure end of lines, returns of assortments or exchanges are properly completed quickly and all paper documentation and RFC’s are properly completed and handled
  10. To assist the Sales Manager for applicable vendors in coordinating displays, in store POP and vendor demonstrations
  11. To work with vendors ensuring that their respective assortments are regularly house kept, counted, signed, bin labeled, and merchandised with vendor POP where applicable

Posted: September 14, 2016
Closes:November 13, 2016
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