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Intercontinental Truck Body

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Mission Statement:

Driven by innovative engineering, uncompromising quality and superior customer service, our goal is to meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.

With each customer relationship, we strive to deliver the unmatched value and excellence that has made us a leading manufacturer of custom truck bodies, trailers and enclosures.


A proud past behind us. A bold future ahead.

In the mid-50's, North America seemed like the land of opportunity for many European immigrants. That belief proved true for three Dutch brothers who left the Netherlands in 1957 and brought their families to Canada, settling first in Lethbridge, Alberta. The brothers were partners in an automotive dealership when they created a unique concept of building custom truck bodies suited to the North American market. Little did they know their modest dream would flourish and endure into the new millennium.

Originally designed to meet market demand for a custom, durable and lightweight truck body, our building system was able to stand up to harsh weather conditions and unforgiving industry wear and tear. As the company began to expand across multiple industries, our quality workmanship and innovative designs for truck bodies, trailers and enclosures led the way - including a completely unique, industry-leading aluminum Snap-Lock body construction that continues to set us apart from the competition.

In 1974, Intercontinental Truck Body was formally established. The company's first Canadian plant, located in Coaldale, Alberta, was servicing all of Canada and the United States from a single locale. With rapidly growing industrial development, it was critical to expand with additional manufacturing facilities closer to key markets - including offices in Edmonton and Calgary and a manufacturing plant in Surrey, British Columbia to cover the greater Vancouver market.

In the early 2000's, to answer the emerging need and opportunity identified in the U.S., TriVan Truck Body was established in Ferndale, WA as a partnership between the principles of Intercontinental Truck Body and four partners in the U.S. Initially, TriVan focused on simple vehicles such as freight vans, cutaway van bodies, and trailer shells. Quickly, TriVan's capabilities expanded, and while the company continued to build small straightforward units, it began to successfully diversify in other markets.

The production of highly customized truck bodies, trailers and enclosures for the growing Energy Sector, various Emergency Response organizations, the demanding Broadcast, Film and Recreation industries, as well as quality-conscious Utilities, Municipal and Government fleets has enabled the group of companies to grow its market presence across Canada and the United Sates. Our manufacturing facilities now total 190,000 square feet and are built on 26 acres in four locations. Our products are hard at work from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to St. Johns, Newfoundland, and from Vancouver, British Columbia to Miami, Florida. Selected projects can be found around the world in locations far beyond what was envisioned when ITB and TriVan began; in South America, Antarctica, the Middle East, China, Russia and even Australia.

The past 35 years have brought many changes and challenges, but one thing has remained the same; our commitment to quality, innovation, and true value for our customers. Now an industry leader throughout North America, we continue to lead with constant improvements, efficiencies and proven expertise. We know from experience that trust is built with one product and service at a time. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the quality and integrity of our work to you.

Our Beliefs:

We Believe:

In maintaining the highest level of ethical standards.
In the worth of our employees, customers and suppliers and their contribution to our success.
That success demands continuous improvement in everything we do.
That listening is the first step in identifying, understanding and addressing employee and customer needs.