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Innovative Fitness Consultants Inc.

About Innovative Fitness Consultants Inc.

Innovative Fitness Personal Training

More than just "lifting weights," at Innovative Fitness, we are about lifestyle management. We have built a tailored and collective approach to better match our training coaches to YOU, maximizing our working relationship.

Excellence is the minimum expectation at Innovative Fitness. Based on customer feedback, we put together our "Little Things" daily list to focus our efforts on YOU. Our daily focus includes always training for YOUR life's destinations, ensuring a clean and organized facility and making sure we all know your name.

The very nature of our training sessions is what will help YOU achieve your personal Victories. We avoid complacency and levelling by investing in tailored programs at an appropriate level of challenge. While the industry continues to cycle through boot camps, hard core workouts, cross-fit and other trends, Innovative Fitness introduced destination training as a method to keep YOU focused and engaged.