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Innergex Renewable Energy Inc

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Our growth is powered by our many prospective projects and acquisitions, and we strive for a sustainable approach in all aspects of our business: the energy we produce, the contributions we make to local communities, the revenues we generate, and the returns we provide to investors.

Our values

Innergex is an independent renewable power producer which develops, acquires, owns and operates hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, and solar farms. As a global corporation, we conduct operations in Canada, the United States, France, and Chile.

We manage a large portfolio of assets currently consisting of interests in 66 operating facilities with a net installed capacity of 1,988 MW (gross 2,888 MW), including 37 hydroelectric facilities, 25 wind farms, and four solar farms.

We also hold interests in seven projects under development and several prospective projects at different stages of development. Respecting the environment and balancing the best interests of the host communities, our partners, and our investors are at the heart of our development strategy.


Our mission is to increase our production of renewable energy by developing and operating high-quality renewable energy facilities while respecting the environment and balancing the best interests of the host communities, our partners, and our investors.

Our growth is solidly rooted in a long-term vision and strict adherence to our mission and our values. Going forward, our time-tested approach will continue to guide us in achieving our vision of providing sustainable energy for a greener future.

Our Values
Conscientious innovators who are respectful of their partners, the members of the Innergex team champion fundamental values that earn them the respect of their partners and the communities that host their projects.

We are guided in our decisions by a set of clear principles which ensure that our values and actions are congruent. These principles are articulated in a series of policies.

We are accountable to our stakeholders for the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the sites we develop and operate, as well as the energy we produce.

We are also accountable for the successful implementation of our business plan and the achievement of our established objectives.

We encourage and value open bidirectional communication with our stakeholders, and we strive to provide complete and accurate information on our activities and our performance that is easily accessible to the general public.

We build solid relationships with our external stakeholders, including Indigenous and local communities, suppliers and service providers, as well as government and regulatory agencies – successful partnerships that form the foundation of our long-term success.

Internally, we promote a culture of teamwork and cooperation among our employees.