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HeroWork Program Society

Company Size
1-10 employees
About HeroWork Program Society
HeroWork builds community, literally and figuratively. We are a progressive and innovative charity that renovates other charity buildings in a way that saves the recipient approximately 75% of the value. We do this by turning a standard renovation into a spectacular community-style event in which a wide spectrum of the community is engaged, giving participants a life-affirming experience. We call these events Radical Renovations—imagine a modern day barn-raising, where dozens of companies and hundreds of volunteers come together with exceptional cooperation and common vision. There is the “march onto the site” followed by the opening ceremony, the demolition, and a block party. Everyone stops work for lunch and dinner, which is catered for the volunteers. The short timelines, close quarters, and cooperative atmosphere bind people together. There is constant excitement and camaraderie. The Big Reveal is streamed live onto monitors so all the volunteers can see the astonished look on the clients’ faces. Plus, we use social media to tell the story of the people and businesses who rise up to make it happen. Radical Renovations ripple out goodwill into the community through the example of what can be done when people work together with common vision and good planning. HeroWork is needed because our non-profit infrastructure is diminished. Neighbourhood halls, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, youth housing—community buildings that make our community strong—are often in a state of disrepair. Between decreased funding and a growing demand for services, most charities struggle to fulfill their mandates with little money left to maintain their buildings. More, new infrastructure is increasingly difficult to acquire and then renovate, leaving communities bereft of facilities.
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