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Foundry Spatial Ltd.

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Foundry Spatial has provided products and services to the environmental sector since 2009. Today Foundry’s water tools service large parts of western Canada; further development is focused on international markets. Foundry’s clients include major government entities and industrial and private customers seeking innovative technological applications and product development support. Foundry has received awards for its ground-breaking, decision-support technologies for more efficient water resource management, and has several products in the development pipeline. Our culture is West-Coast relaxed, with work and life pursuits in balance.


Who we are

Based in beautiful Victoria, BC, we’re a team of environmental scientists, programmers, and geospatial experts drawn from government, academia, and the private sector. Our secret sauce is a blend of scientific knowhow and entrepreneurial innovation. Above all, we care about the environment, and supporting people across multiple sectors in responsible decision-making about our air, land and water.