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Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society

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Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society (ENF) was founded in 1984 by three women who wanted to improve their lives and the lives of other single mothers and their children. ENF became a registered nonprofit society in 1985, ENF is one of the first women-led community housing development organizations in Canada that specifically developed housing to meet the needs of single parent families.
ENF began with a dream, a lot of courage and perseverance. The name “Entre Nous Femmes” came about after our founders realized they needed a name for their newly founded organization that reflected both the inclusive and non-hierarchical model of creating spaces for women and the belief that they could develop their own housing in a non-traditional way.
They gathered one evening, armed with a pot of tea and a bottle of wine, and with the help of an English and French dictionary, they came up with the name “Entre Nous Femmes” . The women believed a French name would reflect both the potential and opportunity to create something new and unique, and also speak to the collaboration and connection between this group of women.
“Entre Nous Femmes” in its translation is “Amongst us Women”, speaks not to the individual but about “us together” in community. A philosophy ENF still follows today.
Each building is named after a founder or an early member of the Society’s grandmother and woven through the history of ENF is the legacy of these grandmothers. Their care for family and community, and the teachings of love, respect, bravery, humility, honesty, and wisdom.