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Delta-X Research Inc.

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Since 1992, Delta-X Research has helped electric utilities maintain the globe’s largest infrastructure.  We provide TOA4, an industry leading analytical tool that generates accurate and timely health assessments of high-voltage apparatus (e.g. power transformers) so the electricity system can operate safely, reliably and most cost effectively.

Our customers work hard to keep the lights on, and we just provided them with new, ground breaking technology that takes their diagnostic capabilities to a whole new level.  However, the electricity system is undergoing radical change (i.e. renewables, electric vehicles, etc.) causing utilities to require even more solutions to help maintain and evolve the system.  Being a market leader with a strong financial position, Delta-X Research is uniquely positioned to answer the utilities’ call for innovation!

Who we are

We help the electric power industry operate & maintain the globe’s largest infrastructure in the most efficient, reliable and cost effective manner possible. This is our contribution to helping the world utilize our precious energy resources most responsibly.

Our specific role is to create the most effective diagnostic software available for assessing and tracking the condition of high voltage apparatus. With early and accurate detection of apparatus fault conditions, our customers are better equipped to manage risk, reduce system losses, improve reliability and maximize return on investment of their high-value assets.

Interpreting apparatus test data is complicated, so Delta-X Research invests in the research and development of statistical and computational techniques for apparatus condition assessment. With a sound scientific basis for interpreting test data, our products provide accurate and timely insights into the condition of critical assets, so the electricity system can be operated safely and reliably at peak conditions and maintenance teams can be deployed most cost effectively. Furthermore, priorities can be established to replace or upgrade aging assets in a manner that optimizes capital budgets.