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Delta-Q Technologies

About Delta-Q Technologies
Delta-Q was founded in 1999 by a team possessing a high degree of knowledge in the design, development and delivery of advanced power electronics as well as a passion to improve the utility of electric vehicles. The goal that has been set is to become the premier power management solutions provider for the high growth industrial and specialty electric vehicle industry.

The alternate-powered vehicle industry is getting considerable attention due to the positive environmental impacts of vehicles powered by means other than the internal combustion (IC) engine. High profile examples include fuel cell and hybrid-powered vehicles. What is generally lesser known is that there is already a $US10 billion dollar worldwide electric vehicle industry. A high proportion of this industry is made up of electric vehicles used in both recreational and industrial applications. Examples include material handling equipment, people movers, scooters, golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles.

Delta-Q is working with leading electric vehicle manufacturers to develop advanced power products that allow these EVs to simply operate better at a lower overall systems cost.

Major improvements in battery technologies and alternative power sources will find their way onto these electric vehicles, and Delta-Q power management products will play a key enabling technology role in managing, charging and controlling the power source.
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