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About Us

CultureFoundry is a small, mission-focused team of idealists whose ambition is tempered only by our desire to help the communities around us. Not satisfied with the status quo, we endeavour to use technology and collaborative processes to revitalize language. The founder of CultureFoundry ‘grew-up’ in the startup world, and through that experience, an obsession with positive, growth-focused company culture was born. We care deeply about creating a safe, engaging and meaningful work environment where people can do their best work, grow quickly and have a positive impact.

Our Vision

One day, all people will participate freely and fully in society, bringing to bear their own perspectives and cultural heritage on the problems facing humanity as a whole.

Our Mission

To elevate marginalized communities by building the tools that help people reconnect with and strengthen their culture.

Our Objectives

Create the tools that help foster and revitalize culture which can be maintained and extended up by the communities that they aim to serve.
Bring people together from different walks of life, but the same mission in heart to resolve seemingly intractable problems.