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To Save you 70% or more on Contact Lenses AND
You get to pick where we donate 51% of our profits!

We Donate 51% & You Choose Which Charity
Every time you purchase contact lenses with, you get to choose from over 40 non-profit organizations and charities. We donate 51% of our profits to that cause, and you can feel good that you are part of something great. Our website is the first in the world to allow such a service and we are 100% proudly Canadian owned and operated. We are NOT some huge mega-corporation (like many of our competitors).

Every customer is treated with the best customer service, great prices and as a result we are the fastest growing contact lens company in all of Canada! It is time that we evolve past just buying and selling without thought. It is time that a company represent positive change and put its money where its mouth is.

So – welcome to the most innovative website in many years.

Welcome to
We support a great many causes and groups. Click Here for a full list.

The categories that we offer in terms of our support are:

Child Welfare
Civil Rights & Democracy
Environmental Protection
First Nations of Canada
Non-Profits working just in Canada
Human Rights
Pet & Wildlife Welfare
Population & Family Planning
Global Relief Agencies
Also it is important that as a company we also STAND FOR MORE THAN JUST GIVING. On all of our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube) we are always seeking to educate and promote ideas that will enable us to evolve as a planet. Yes, we are the coolest company in all of Canada, but not just because we talk a big game. More than that, we take stands for key issues such as:

A clean environment for future generations
Humane treatment for all animals, wild and domestic
Children worldwide living free of suffering
The protection of human and civil rights
Efforts to curb Global Warming
First Nation poverty and development
Canadian community support for those in need
We do it because we actually care. We know you do too!