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Cheeseman's Concrete Removal Ltd.

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Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. Offers Safe, Efficient & Eco-Friendly Solutions
Discover a more efficient and eco-friendly way to safely remove concrete by consulting with Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. Based in Richmond. We’ve served the Lower Mainland and all of British Columbia and Alberta for over 20 years with reliable demolition services including concrete breaking, grinding, crushing and removal.

Expert Solutions for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Projects

Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. is a fully bonded and insured operation that provides solutions on a range of commercial, industrial and residential projects while specializing in confined spaces. We’ve removed vaults from banks and worked on concrete floors and walls in shopping centres. We will travel throughout British Columbia and Alberta to handle industrial applications at various locations, including:

Pulp mills

We Use Innovative and Pollution-Free Equipment

Utilizing the innovative equipment from Brokk®, we give you access to hard-to-reach places while protecting the environment with machines solely run by electricity. There are no gas fumes and less noise than the common diesel-powered alternatives. Our Brokk machines feature a versatile 3-part arm that offers an impressive reach and all the power you need. When on location, we provide our own power through a heavy-duty generator.

We Break & Remove Virtually All Concrete Surfaces

Whether you need to remove slag, bridge decks, dams, water tunnels or any other concrete surface, we can handle the job regardless of the location or thickness of the concrete. Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. can break and remove virtually all concrete surfaces. Schedule your free on-site estimate to get your project started.