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Burnaby Central Railroad

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The British Columbia Society of Model Engineers was founded in 1929 as a group of like interested individuals in creating 1/4 scale model steam engines that run on 7.5" track.
Since then it has evolved, with the help of the Burnaby Parks Department, into a 5 plus acre site with close to 5 km of track and 6 club locomotives powered by electric, gasoline and live steam.
We are located in Confederation Park near the intersection of North Willingdon Ave. and Penzance Drive in Burnaby.
We are a non-profit, charitable organization that try to educate the public in the history of the Railroad through our enthusiasm as model builders.
From Good Friday to Thanksgiving (weekends and statutory holidays) we are open to the public for birthday parties and train rides.
The only "paid" employees are in the Concession stand, everyone else on site are Volunteers.