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Bloodhound Professional Candidate Recruitment

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Everyone has their own idea of what qualifies for success. It doesn’t matter if you are an employer looking to grow your organization or a candidate that is ready for the next challenge. In today’s business world we find strength in networking with others. Expanding our network opens up opportunities we didn’t know existed. With the right focus and determination, goals we set for ourselves can become a reality.

Who Are We?

With our Office located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, we provide much needed support to local business, as well as working with companies throughout the Lower mainland and the rest of British Columbia.

Being a Canadian owned family business, we have the ability to be flexible in our working environment and not restrained like the bigger franchise operations.

BloodhoundPCR is working for you, to help you build your organization into a competitive force for today’s market. We have dedicated staff focusing on the local employment markets, researching trends and constantly networking for your benefit.

Our Vision and Values
Very few people get ahead without the help of others, that’s why at BloodhoundPCR we value teamwork, working together to find the best candidate for the best outcome.

In building strong relationships with you, we have always valued your opinion. BloodhoundPCR will grow by reputation, we work with both the employer and candidate to the best of our ability.

At BloodhoundPCR, we have highest respect and integrity for both our clients and candidates.

We continuously seek ways to improve and bring new ideas for today’s workplace solutions.

Bloodhound Professional Candidate Recruitment will work hard to find those candidates whose ability and work ethic will be key in your organizations growth and success.