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Why Job Interviews Are Like First Dates


Why Job Interviews Are Like First DatesYou’ve learned about how to cut details from your resume for a better chance at an interview. You prepared for the interview by doing your research on the employer and practising your responses. You showed up dressed to kill and you even asked some thoughtful, poignant questions. You were supposed to hear back a week ago, but no one’s called or emailed and now you have the sinking feeling that you didn’t get the job.

The first thing you need to do is follow up, because there may have been a delay in their decision making. If you know the interview went well, then you’re entitled to a yes or no answer. Use whatever communication method you’ve been utilizing up until now, but keep in mind the following:

  • Be polite and respectful – if you aren’t and you got the job, you could lose it instantly. If you didn’t get it, all you’ll do is prove to the hiring manager that they made the right decision.
  • Be patient – hiring managers are busy people, and in it’s likely that neither you nor the job opening in questions are their biggest priorities.

That said, any hiring manager worth working for will get back to you and provide you with closure, whether it’s “yes”, “no”, or “we’re still working on it”. There are also plenty of examples of people who got the job because they followed up after the interview and showed they were persistent and passionate. Just don’t forget the rules of etiquette.

What if you didn’t get the job?

Recall the questions you were asked in your interview.

  • Are you sure you answered them to show off your best attributes?
  • Did you think carefully about what each employer was trying to discover by asking you those questions?
  • Can you think of any better ways of answering those questions that demonstrates you are confident and have a realistic assessment of your skills?

But the most important thing to remember is that job interviews are like first dates. They are nerve wracking, unpredictable, and the only ones that matter are the ones that work out.

You can spend days or even weeks obsessing over why you were passed over for the job, but don’t. There are hundreds of variables, but the only ones you can control are your own. Keep on assessing your performance and you will improve, and keep on applying and you will get hired.

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