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Career Experts: How Networking Can Help Move Your Career Forward


On June 5th, BC Jobs and the BC Tech Association hosted a panel on networking featuring two Career Experts: Erin Rogers, Talent Acquisition Team Lead from Hootsuite and Yvonne Wu, Talent Recruiting Manager from Hyperwallet. In preparation for our #BCtech focused Talent Day on June 7th, these Career Experts came together to share their thoughts on and experiences with the tech recruitment process from the perspective of an employer.

If the theme of our previous Career Experts Panel was networking tips to use right away, then the theme of Erin and Yvonne’s advice was on the importance of networking and how it can help you advance your career.


Networking Isn’t Just For “Now”

Many people approach events like Talent Day solely focused on finding a job right now. While it may help them narrow down the number of people they’ll talk to that night, it often means that they aren’t focused on having conversations that engage both themselves and recruiters because they’re trying to find a job instead. It also means that they’re overlooking opportunities to build valuable, long-lasting connections.

Remember that even if a company isn’t hiring for a role that fits your skill set right now, more opportunities will always open up in the future. Get ahead of the game by developing relationships with companies starting today. Introduce yourself to recruiters and express why you’d like to work with them (now or in the future), get involved in relevant Meetup groups, meet people in other roles at these companies, and use these connections when your dream job arises!


Referrals Reign Supreme

A topic that came up throughout the discussion was referrals. Both of our Career Experts shared that the majority of hires at their respective companies came from employee referrals.

Why is this? It’s been shown that employee referrals often result in the best hires –companies know this and often offer referral bonuses for successful hires.

People know that each person that they refer to their company will reflect on them, which means that they  refer people who they are confident will do a great job and can vouch for. Typically, they have worked together in the past and are able to speak to the work their referral has done.

You never know where a referral will come from, but it’s important to start building these relationships today. Show that you’re an excellent employee and team player, that you’re passionate about what you do, and that you are someone that people can trust to do a fantastic job. Do this through work, through volunteering, and through each of your interactions – people will take notice.


The Rules Still Apply

Regardless of whether you’re networking because you’re looking for a job, looking to expand your network, or because you enjoy meeting new people, the same rules apply.

Always remember that you’re having a conversation with someone and begin to build a relationship before asking for something (like a job or a referral).

Do your research before going to a networking event or hiring fair. Opening a conversation with a question like, “What does your company do?” shows that you aren’t truly interested in the company, and the person you’re speaking to has probably answered the same question another 30 times already. Instead, approach people with a question that will engage them and shows that you’ve put the time and effort in to learn more about them.

Need a refresher? Check out these networking tips on the blog.


Networking shouldn’t be something that only serves your needs right now, so don’t forget to keep these ideas in mind at the next event you attend!

Do you have a topic that you’d like to see covered on our blog or at a future event? Reach out to us at [email protected] and be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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