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How to prove you’re not overqualified?


If you’re looking to take a step back in your career for any reason, you may encounter managing directors who bring up the fact that you’re overqualified for the position you’ve applied for. Frustratingly, this is a common roadblock encountered by people stepping down in their career path.

Employers worry about overqualified candidates for a few reasons. A big one is that employers worry that the overqualified employee will become bored and uninspired in their new position. Also, employers don’t think that an employee will be happy working for a manager with less experience than them. These concerns, coupled with a few others, seriously hamper candidates’ chance on a job.

Here are some ways to prove that you’re not overqualified for a position you’re applying on:


  1. Be Honest

Talk to the employer about advancement opportunities you may want in the future. Be honest about what you want. This way, the employer can be honest about whether or not they can give it to you.

  1. Display Experience Prominently

Remember that you can be an amazing asset to the right company. Your experience means that you will settle in and learn the ropes more quickly than someone less experienced. This translates to the company spending less money on training. If the company needs help training up other staff members, you even could offer to help out, given that you already know what you’re doing.

  1. Be Realistic on Salary Expectations

Plan out a clear idea of the salary range you are aiming for. If you are unsure of this, you can research pay rates for the job and industry. You may also want to sit down and work out how much you need to earn to pay your bills. Come up with a satisfactory range so you can discuss salary options with the hiring team when you are ready.


In these type of cases, be very weary of what you disclose to the employer. Also, remember that some employers will be excited to have you so make you’re confident about what you offer.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that you talk to the employer in-person. A resume or cover letter may leave wondering why you’ve applied, but explaining your situation to the hiring manager may improve your chances.


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