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How to Minimize Leadership Stress


Management is a stressful job with various responsibilities. In fact, managers in Canada have reported the main sources of their stress to be longer working hours and too many demands. This indicates that there is a need to manage time and employees more effectively. The demands of management can be emotionally draining and can take their toll physically. Better recruiting methods with full utilization of social media can help to reduce stress by ensuring employees are the right ‘fit’ for your company. Here are some more tips on minimizing management stress.


Time Management

Although the job may be demanding, it is important to manage your time to accommodate these demands plus any unforeseen circumstances. Effectively managing your workload will enable you to see where you have to delegate tasks and where you may be taking on too much. By using social media to recruit effective employees, you will be able to trust your staff in order to delegate tasks more efficiently.


Know Your Stress Response

Knowing how you react to certain stressors will enable you to prepare for it and control it more effectively. If you become outwardly difficult to be around, are loud or raise your voice when you become stressed, this may negatively affect your team. If you start to feel your heart race or you become too hot, consider whether you are becoming too stressed and learn techniques on how to manage your stress reaction as a manager.


Don’t Agree to Take On Too Much

Saying ‘yes’ to everything can lead to burnout as you may not realistically have enough time within your working day to complete all these tasks. Recruiting via social media will allow you to build a team quickly who can help with your workload. Planning your day with your employees will allow you to see what time you have available for other tasks. Making your calendar visible will also allow your team to see where you can fit in extras.


Take Care of Yourself

Exercising is an excellent way to reduce stress and increase your physical fitness. Stress can take its toll on your body but exercising is a good way to counteract this. Studies have shown that exercise reduces the effects of stress and also reduces the risk of heart disease. As managers are under a great deal of pressure, taking care of yourself is extremely important as you cannot take care of employees if you are not healthy yourself.


Do Not Shy Away From the Source

Confront the source of your stress head on as it may be resolved with something as simple as a conversation. Shying away from it or ignoring it will only exacerbate the situation and you may be causing yourself unnecessary stress. Every manager is faced with difficult tasks or even difficult people at some point in their careers so seek advice if you are struggling.


Stress affects all workers at some stage in their careers so keep this in mind. There is nothing wrong with seeking support as a manager and you may find that you are not alone in feeling stress.By using resources like social media to find passive candidates, to find active job seekers, and the people already in your organization, you can build an effective team to ensure that you are supported during times of stress.



About Jackie Edwards: 

Now working as a writer, Jackie started her career in finance, but ended up taking on extra work to make ends meet – and pay for her wedding! After becoming a mom refocused and decided to spend more time with her family. When she’s not writing, she volunteers for a number of local mental health charities and also has a menagerie of pets to look after.

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