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Flexible Work Options: the Skinny Half-sweet Latte of Work


Flexible work options: the skinny half-sweet latte of workIn this age where people customize everything from their 10 am lattes to their lunchtime sandwich, “one size fits all” no longer applies. Employees want to customize when, how and where to work, too. Offer flexible work options and your company will have an edge.

Why offer flexible work options

Creativity in how, when and where employees work can have a big influence on human resources costs. Your organization will be better able to recruit and retain four generations in the workplace, keep the best employees and manage a skills shortage. Flexible work options translate to a benefit program that many organizations can afford.

Ideas for flexible work options

Study after study shows that today’s employees value lifestyle choices. Older workers may want to downshift toward retirement, without leaving their jobs. Parents may want to work from home when their kids are sick – or in the evening, after they’ve taken their kids to a doctor’s appointment. Other workers may want to work compressed work weeks, so that they can take courses, pursue weekend getaways or work on their snowboarding skills. Still others may value unpaid leave, job sharing, part-time work or even temporary opportunities.

Employees who are happy with their jobs – and with their flexible work options – will be less likely to stray. After all, if their job accommodates their children, aging parents, lifestyle goals, lifelong learning or other needs, they would be taking a risk in moving to a new organization. By responding to your employees’ needs, you can help create work-life balance – and reduce churn.

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