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Employer Branding and Social Media — If You Build It, They Will Come


Employer Branding and Social Media -- If You Build It They Will ComeOnce upon a time (sometime around 2005), most companies had mastered the art of using online tools to promote their products or services. Their websites were primarily focused on business activities and while some banner advertising and basic search engine optimization helped advertise their business on the web, it did little to promote the company brand to potential recruits. For that companies posted opportunities on their websites and possibly advertised them on or other job seeker sites.

Fast forward six years and the online space has transformed. Social media has made it increasingly easy for companies of all sizes to harness the power of the internet to connect with job seekers and are using marketing techniques to attract the best and brightest. offers the following eight tips to help improve your employer brand.

LinkedIn — Having an updated company profile on LinkedIn is not only beneficial for your sales and business development teams, it also allows candidates to view your company activity and request personal introductions from employees who are within their personal network. Other helpful information includes statistics on employee job functions, years of experience and educational background as well as company growth. Businesses are also able to post an employee branding-specific message for potential job seekers visiting their profile.

Facebook — What was once a strictly social, social media outlet is now becoming much more professional. Many companies are realizing that customers and potential/current employees are interested in what is happening within their organizations and are choosing Facebook to access this information. In addition to relevant content posted on the wall, users can access company information, corporate blogs, job search function and YouTube links all in one place. (Note: check out Facebook job search tools!) Businesses can also use Facebook advertising to specifically target potential candidates based on demographic information contained within their profiles.

Twitter — Another opportunity to raise your company profile for both business development and recruitment purposes is Twitter. You can connect with current or potential employees and Tweet content about why your company is a great place to work. This may include corporate financial information as well as updates on charity programs, team building events or exciting milestones or accolades. You can also link jobs to your Tweets. also tweets your job postings to our active group of followers.

Blog — Think a corporate blog is a useless PR tool? Think again. Showing the personal side of your corporate management team will demonstrate to potential employees that you care about the organization and its internal and external stakeholders. It also gives you the opportunity to share real-time information on company current events as well as profile employees who can offer testimonials about what makes your organization a great place to work.

Video — The rise of social media has changed the way people interact and despite masses amounts of text being generated, multimedia (including video) allows your company to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Consider creating a company recruitment video to post on your website and YouTube. To promote your content, include the link on employees’ signature pickers and marketing literature, giving candidates a multi-dimensional perspective on why they should consider your company for employment opportunities. You’ll also be able to include this content on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and corporate blog pages.

Mobile — The power and capability of mobile devices is expanding at a rapid pace and many individuals are relying on their handhelds to access the internet. Some people, particularly a younger candidate base, may not even have internet access at home and will use their mobiles to search for jobs. While your company may not yet have the technology to accept resumes via mobile devices, consider mobile-friendly websites or apps to ensure people can find information about your company while on the go.

Foursquare — Foursquare is becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst GenY who find themselves constantly connected. The basic premise is that people can check in to different locations (and businesses) online, giving companies the ability to offer special promotions to these individuals. Organisations therefore have information on their visitors and can also see that for competing or neighbouring businesses. They can target marketing and employer branding campaigns directly to these individuals.

Employees — The most important social networking tool is also the most inherently ‘social’. Your employees are your best word of mouth and often the best candidates come from referrals. Allowing your employees the freedom and flexibility to post information on their social media accounts will help spread word about your company and demonstrate to others that it is a great place to work. It is important to have a social media policy in place, but keep it simple. Communicate your expectations to employees and trust that they will think twice before posting inappropriate content.

Employer branding, like marketing is about raising your organization’s profile and earning a reputation as a great place to work. As such, your company needs to devise a strategy that leverages the human resources, marketing and business development departments to ensure that a consistent and cohesive message is delivered to all internal and external parties. In the end, if you build it, they will come!


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