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What Else Should You Be Doing in Your Job Search?


If you’re looking for a job right now, your focus is likely on updating your resume, writing cover letters, and perfecting your application. While all of these steps are key to finding your next dream role, you should also considering doing a few more things to help you keep improving as you transition between career opportunities.

Go on informational interviews

This is a great way to expand your network while learning more about the industry, company, or specific role you’re looking to get into. Often, people will be more receptive when you’re simply looking to learn and gather more information than when you’re asking them for a job.

Go through the connections you’ve made in the past to see if there’s anyone whose brain you’d like to pick over a coffee. Maybe someone in your network can even introduce you to a contact at your dream company! LinkedIn can be great for this, as you’re able to see the mutual connections you have with a person.

In addition to helping you make new connections, informational interviews can help you narrow down what you want to do by getting a better sense of what to expect of the company or position you’re considering. This is especially helpful for students, new grads, and those who are looking to make the jump into a new industry or role.


Stay up to date on your skills

There are always opportunities to refresh and develop your skills. Regardless of whether or not you’re currently working, you can do things like volunteer, teach yourself, and work on personal projects. Doing these things shows potential employers your initiative and drive to keep improving, and they can also help you fill gaps in your employment history.

Look for organizations that may need your skills – this can include anything from accounting to web development to construction. Many non-profits and charities are looking for help in various roles, and volunteering can help you add to your experience while supporting a great cause!

You can also add to your skills on your own time through self-guided learning and working on side projects. There are many resources available to you to help you learn more about your field – from websites, online courses, videos, and books. Read up and put your new knowledge to use and walk the walk by working on a personal or side project.


Go to networking events and Meetups

A growing and healthy professional network is invaluable, so be sure that you’re making an effort to go to networking events and joining groups like Meetups. Often, these networking events will also include a panel discussion or talks with thought leaders in your field. Take these chances to listen to innovative ideas, learn about the latest trends, and have engaging discussions.

The people you meet at these events and in these groups will also likely be highly interested in your field and dedicated to improving themselves. These are the types of people you want to meet and connect with! You never know when a new job opportunity will arise, so it’s important to build a strong network and show your new connections that you’re passionate about your field.


Doing these things will help you be more active and take more action towards your goals. Taking the initiative to go on informational interviews, further develop your skills and abilities, and actively network can help the evolution of your career path as you seek new opportunities! Get started with the next step in your career today by checking out all of the fantastic career possibilities posted on!

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