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Best employers focus on the employee experience


Best employers focus on the employee experienceOkay, I’ll admit it, when I first skimmed BC Business’ list of 10 best companies to work for in BC it seemed like companies were being recognized for the same old, same old. But on further examination… it seems as though this year’s crop of decidedly smaller companies are paying attention to the things that make for a better employee experience.

And it’s paying dividends… like being known as a top employer for one.

We’re seeing companies focus on creating environments where people connect and make friends. Companies that are giving people the space to deliver results in their own way or are setting clear goals and getting out the way. Employees are appreciating companies that are community minded, transparent and flexible about scheduling. And, if your culture encourages taking vacation, that’s a plus too. (I can’t tell you how many colleagues I know that don’t feel they can take more than a week at a time.)

There’s still room to do a better job of communicating the vision and how all staff contribute to it. The bigger the company the harder that is to do, but the more important it is to do.

So while this is an encouraging list of employer attributes, I’m still waiting for the list where employees brag about employers that genuinely live their values and expect their people to live by them too. Companies that authentically walk the talk and don’t give lip services to “our employees are our most valuable asset”.  And where employees feel their talents are recognized, rewarded and valued. Next year perhaps?


Congrats to this year’s winners…. you are the trailblazers.
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