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3 Steps to Boost the Effectiveness of your Recruiting Workflow by Thinking like a Supply Chain Manager


Successful recruiting is the key to a company’s level of success. When a recruiter is able to reel in the right people to work together, a company can thrive and grow. There are many factors to take into account throughout the recruitment process, but there are ways to improve and streamline, so that you’re able to consistently nab the ideal employees. By developing a proven, successful recruitment process, you’ll be able to repeat your successes over and over again. And, the overall process will be better organized and more efficient. Here are three tips to improve your recruitment workflow, by thinking like a supply chain manager.

Simple is always best

First step towards streamlining your recruitment process is getting rid of the waste that’s currently scattered throughout it. Extra paperwork and approval processes can be simplified or eliminated altogether. Go through your entire recruitment workflow and assess each component – if it isn’t serving a purpose, eliminate it. If it is more complicated than it needs to be, pare it down so it’s simpler and more efficient to work through.

If you don’t have any process at all in place, you’ll want to develop one immediately. But, the good news is that you’ll be able to see measurable effects almost right away. If you already have a recruitment process in place, take a look at where the problems you have are emanating from. Maybe the time between the interview and hire are too long, so that candidates are finding other employment before you even get back to them. If this is the case, you may want to take a look at the steps happening between interview and hire, and see if there’s a way of streamlining things.

Get things done faster with a decision-driving workflow

Waiting is detrimental to the recruitment process. If you end up waiting to make a decision on a qualified candidate, another company may very well have come along and snatched them up. If you have a workflow process that’s filled with these inactive wait periods, where you’re waiting for approvals or responses, it could seriously be harming your hiring and the business overall. Overhauling the efficiency of your recruitment process can help push decisions along faster, improving the speed of the recruitment and hiring process and thereby helping the business to grow and thrive.

Make it as simple as you possibly can for those hiring managers tasked with the final decisions to access the information they need to reach their decisions. Then need to have the authority to make decisions quickly and should be trusted that they are making the right one, without having to work their way through a rigorous approval process.

Consistency is key

In every aspect of business, consistency is essential. It creates an environment of compliance and stability, while allowing the opportunity to be measured and analyzed. Because you’re able to measure these new consistent steps, you’ll easily be able to detail their effectiveness. When you’re consistent with your process throughout all areas of a company, it’s also easier for each employee involved to understand the recruitment process in their department, as well as all others, because the steps aren’t varying dramatically.

Identify the key areas of your workflow where you have inconsistencies, and work towards figuring out ways to eliminate them. The biggest factor in correcting inconsistencies will be between different areas of the business, but when you have one single process that is the same throughout, no matter what part of the company you’re working from, it makes things much simpler for everyone involved. Even if you don’t work in that department directly, you know that their process is exactly the same as the one you follow.

By taking control of the recruitment workflow, you’ll see immediate and measurable results that will help speed up the entire process, make it more effective and successful, and add to the company’s overall growth and prosperity. Take the time to work through your current process in order to identify where improvements can be made and what can be eliminated altogether. A company’s success is rooted in its ability to recruit and hire the most qualified candidates to work for them. A streamlined and consistent recruitment workflow can help ensure that this success will continue to be experienced.

About the Author

Gloria Kopp is a recruiting consultant and a business writer at Resumention. She regularly contributes articles to Engadget and Revieweal blogs. Gloria is an author of Studydemic blog where she shares her writing tips and guides with students.


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