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3 More Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated



“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucious

Happy employees are productive employees.

Which is exactly why we’re doing a two part series on keeping your employees motivated, happy, and excited to come to work.

If you missed part one: How to Keep Work Fresh For You and Your Employees, then we recommend that you check it out first. Now, just as that article promised, we are sharing three more tips for keeping your employees motivated!

Change the Feedback Loop

Something a lot of companies are doing these days is re-evaluating their performance review system.

For example, Texas Roadhouse have replaced their old performance assessment process with a procedure that they call GPS (Growth, Plan, Support).

The difference between the old system and the new one is that GPS focuses on growth and moving forward, rather than on the employees past performance.

Employees are asked: “What career opportunities they hope for in the future, how they are preparing for these future opportunities, and what resources they need to be successful?”

This way of thinking transforms the evaluation process from a thing to fear into an inspiring and motivational occasion for both parties involved.

To learn more about how GPS has positively impacted employee engagement at Texas Roadhouse, read this article about “What Happens When You Kill the Performance Appraisal” by Sharlyn Lauby.

Get Them Connecting and Actively Participating

Encourage your employees to join industry-related groups (either real or virtual), subscribe to blogs and newsletters that  keep them informed about innovations in the field (there’s a blog for EVERY subject imaginable these days!), and attend networking events … or even help host one!

Even if things are feeling stale and monotonous at the office, at least they’ll be able to get excited about the kind of work they do!

To find great blogs and newsletters for your employees check out:

To find online work related communities try:

You can also have a look at this article to learn about hosting your own networking event. Not only will this allow your employees to engage and connect with others in their field, it’s also a fantastic way to source talent, and promote your business.

Continue Their Education

Learning is fun! It is also inspiring. One of the best ways to reignite your team’s passion for their work is to provide them with the education they need to keep improving and evolving in their careers.

This does not have to be as expensive as it sounds.

You can even host a learning event yourself. Keep in mind that this only works if you have both a strong knowledge base to draw from, and a gift for teaching (probably a good idea to get an unbiased, outsider’s opinion about whether or not you possess this skill!)

You can allot a certain amount of free learning time for employees, which they can use to peruse educational literature, video, and podcasts.

Check out Ted Talks and iTunes University for some excellent free resources.

You can also sign them up for webinars, and online courses, or encourage them to seek these out for themselves.

Both edX and 99u are good choices for online courses.

But, if you find a course that looks worthwhile, or better yet an employee comes to you asking for the opportunity to attend a learning event, do everything in your power to make space in your budget for it.

Your team is a reflection of your company culture, an the foundation for its growth. If they love where they work and what they do, then you have a recipe for success!

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