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The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in the World – And What They Pay


Some jobs, by their nature, pose higher health and safety risks than others. For example, a construction worker generally operates in a higher-risk environment than someone in an office, due to the machinery and equipment being used in the profession, which also involves working from heights.

Mission Safety Services created this infographic highlighting the 10 most dangerous jobs according to the ratio of deaths to total employment in the profession. It will not come as much surprise that jobs such as construction worker, pilot, fisher and farmer feature on the list. Every day, people in these lines of work face potentially fatal risks.

The chances of being injured or killed while working are not just down to the environment within which the job is operated. People working in such jobs also have a responsibility to understand the health and safety risks that come as part of the territory, and to take every preventative step possible to minimize these risks. Many workplace accidents are tragically freak, but some occur due to negligence or carelessness.

If the job of which you dream is featured in this infographic, do not be afraid. It’s not intended to be
scaremongering, but rather to highlight the potential risks of such jobs so that anyone in that line of
work, or aspiring towards it, will be aware of the risks and can take measures to practice proper safety at work.

Are you ready to find your next great job?

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