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BirdEye, Inc.

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About BirdEye, Inc.

The BirdEye Name
BirdEye refers to a business’ bird eye view — how the business appears to their customers across the Internet. Using the BirdEye platform, any business can perfect their birdeye view — create consistent online presence, get real-time customer feedback, address customer experience issues to increase retention, and promote positive reviews everywhere to acquire new business.

Our Vision
BirdEye’s vision is to enable businesses to do well by doing good by their customers. Our goal is to recalibrate the playing field — the customer becomes a partner in the business’ success; customer interaction is focused on remediation, not venting; and the responsibility to grow the business is shared with existing customers.

What We Do
BirdEye is the leading Business Reputation Marketing (BRM) platform that enables businesses to see their bird eye view and improve upon that view to acquire new customers:
• Online Presence — Create consistent business presence on 50+ sites
• Authentic Reviews — Monitor 100s of review sites in one place, get feedback from customers in real-time, resolve customer experience issues quickly
• Review Marketing — Expand reach and customer conversion by promoting best reviews on your website, social channels and search engines
• Analytics and Benchmarking — Stay ahead of the pack by gaining actionable insights from your competitors’ customers

The BirdEye Team
BirdEye was founded in 2012 by alumni from Yahoo, Google, Amazon and Cisco. We’re a team of 30+ strong headquartered in Silicon Valley. BirdEye powers 10M+ reviews and is trusted by 10,000+ businesses ranging from prominent F1000 brands to SMBs.