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Arrive At Happy

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Arrive At Happy's purpose is to inspire leaders, organizations, teams, and individuals through the science of happiness, neuroscience and happiness at work. Arrive At Happy motivates change through speaking, training, leadership masterclasses, team workshops, and executive retreats. It is scientifically proven and data-supported, that when leaders and people are happier, they are more creative, collaborate, productive, innovative, healthier, and successful. Happiness has the ability to transform organizations, schools, and communities.

Happiness has been a part of Tia Graham’s being and spirit her entire life. She is an Inspirationist and the Founder of Arrive At Happy. Tia’s positive energy is infectious, contagious, and truly authentic. She knew from age 21 that she wanted to lift people higher, share her natural gifts, and lead with joy. Tia Graham is a happiness practitioner, mother, hotelier, and global citizen. Positive psychology launched in 1999 and psychologists started studying happy people, people who were thriving, for the very first time. Tia Graham is a living example of who the psychologists study.