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Career Advice

Have you ever wondered where the heck your resume lands once you press ‘send’? Do you wonder if it enters a black hole that sucks in resumes, never to select them... read more »

Career Advice

You've probably heard a million times that employers only spend 30 seconds looking at your resume. Help get their attention by writing a targeted objective.

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Career Advice

To capture the attention of hiring managers, candidates often use a career profile on their resumes. Also known as a professional profile or simply a “profile”, a career prof... read more »

HR Advice

I suspect that most employers struggle, occasionally, with the question of whether an employee has resigned from employment. I know that I am often called on to provide advic... read more »

HR Advice

Perhaps the best weapon in an employer’s arsenal to screen applicants is the probation period. In my experience, it is also one of the least used and least understood.

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HR Advice

Wrongful dismissal cases often lead to debate over the legality of a severance formula set out in an employment contract. In most cases, the former employee argues the severa... read more »